Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cards

As time passes I think my Christmas cards are getting better. Yes, it requires more equipment. The card making isle at Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place for me. I see a lot of equipment I need for next time. This year I bought a star punch card and a punch card for edging.
We plan on buying a house in spring and I WILL HAVE MY CRAFT ROOM. More room equals more items to purchase.

1. The object is to buy seasonal items that are on sale at craft and dollar stores.
2. Save every card you get. You can cut out things from it or reuse the cover by cutting it off and attaching it to a second sheet of card stock. Punch out holes along the outside edge and use fancy ribbon to secure the card. You will see one of those cards I made one year as an example.
3. Organize you crafts it those clear plastic multi drawer containers..
4. Scan the thrift stores and yard sales for paper products or items for cards like buttons.
5. Use wrapping paper for covers or cut out the pics for cards.
6. Check out places like Home Depot's wall paper section. Sometimes they sell the old wall paper books or buy the discounted rolls of wall paper trim.
7. Use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls to wind up your left over lace and string.
8. Scrapbooking supplies on sale are a gold mine.
9. Dried flowers or plastic flowers that are flat are good finds also.

Here are a few examples:

Scrapbooking supplies

Misc supplies on sale in season

Edge punchers

Cuts the card stock in a straight line

Three D tree

The Pelicans we love

My first card...can't you tell

More 3 D artwork


My latest. Lots of card punching and 3 D manger and star.

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