Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stocking Up

As soon as we get paid, Jan 2nd, I am headed for the stores to stock up on card supplies.
Sure, most will be Christmas stuff, but thats okay. End of year sales will be happening also.

Places to hit:
Dollar Stores
Dollar General
Craft  Stores
Thrift Stores (ultimate finds)
Spring brings on yard/garage sales

In the spring places like Home Depo will have their winter/fall wall paper books for sale. Lots of craft supplies there. Great materal for cards and projects. Ask them when they will be getting rid of them and give them you name.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cards

As time passes I think my Christmas cards are getting better. Yes, it requires more equipment. The card making isle at Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place for me. I see a lot of equipment I need for next time. This year I bought a star punch card and a punch card for edging.
We plan on buying a house in spring and I WILL HAVE MY CRAFT ROOM. More room equals more items to purchase.

1. The object is to buy seasonal items that are on sale at craft and dollar stores.
2. Save every card you get. You can cut out things from it or reuse the cover by cutting it off and attaching it to a second sheet of card stock. Punch out holes along the outside edge and use fancy ribbon to secure the card. You will see one of those cards I made one year as an example.
3. Organize you crafts it those clear plastic multi drawer containers..
4. Scan the thrift stores and yard sales for paper products or items for cards like buttons.
5. Use wrapping paper for covers or cut out the pics for cards.
6. Check out places like Home Depot's wall paper section. Sometimes they sell the old wall paper books or buy the discounted rolls of wall paper trim.
7. Use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls to wind up your left over lace and string.
8. Scrapbooking supplies on sale are a gold mine.
9. Dried flowers or plastic flowers that are flat are good finds also.

Here are a few examples:

Scrapbooking supplies

Misc supplies on sale in season

Edge punchers

Cuts the card stock in a straight line

Three D tree

The Pelicans we love

My first card...can't you tell

More 3 D artwork


My latest. Lots of card punching and 3 D manger and star.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Personal Update

Things seem to be getting better. I am now an employee of the State of Texas. No more working weekends and nights at my dealership job.

The state of Texas provides free health care to all it's employees, thank God. So now I have my own health care and so does hubby. If anything happens to either one of us we are taken care of. Of course we both have dental, and various other additional care added as we see fit.

This weekend we are going on a much needed vacation. We haven't had a vacation for 10 years so this is really nice. Of course, it is our 30th anniversary this year. We are leaving for a curise out of a southern US port to Cozumel, Honduras, and Beliez. Seven days of bliss. I still don't know if 2 books are enough.

I hope to take a lot of pics and will share them with you. Tomorrow, since I have a three day weekend, thanks to the state, I will buy a few last minute things and get a fresh hair cut.

Soooo, we hope to buy a house next year, God willing. That is our next challenge.

Wish us luck. We are on a Princess cruise so hopefully it won't tip over. Hubby was teasing about possible pirates. Oh My God. How funny.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall in Texas

I think fall is finally here in SW Houston, Texas. Nights are cooler and it seems with all this rain we might have just come up with the needed 4 inches to end our drought.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time Seems to Drag

In order to escape our small space we need metals ( our investments) to start climbing. So far they are on the rise. We are so antsy to get a house you would not believe it. hehe

Meanwhile, I am making my list of "Wish I Could Do" projects. I don't have the enthusiasm in a small space. So now I am educating myself on various ideas and saving them.  My fav site lately is "Homestead Survival". They get lots of info from various sites. I post the good ones on my facebook page.

Once we update our living area this page will be my "HOW TO DO THINGS ON YOUR OWN", living without the malls. That topic can get me on my soapbox real fast, but I wont today. I am just thankful my parents and Nana taught me basic skills, along with 4-H, Home Economics, and FHA (future homemakers of America), in high school. I am prepared and take after my father's frugalness. My hubby says I can be a bit over the edge with my frugalness, but I love it. I always try to think how to REUSE an item I am going to throw away...yep my Dad was the same way.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Outside Space

Our new deck is finished. It took hubby 2 days. Now we have our chairs and tables. Fortunately, it has been fairly cool in the evening with a breeze and the shade from our RV. Yep, we also have the best neighbors around and a prime view. No one in the park has this view. Others have corner views but are subjected to stored RV's or the club house.
When there is shade you can find Steve and I out here in our wooden chairs or eating on our table after we BBQ.
6 inches off the ground and stakes in the ground for those gully washers

What a view

Best friends. The donkey follows these two horses