Sunday, January 24, 2016

Projects Projects Projects

You know how it is....I should do this and that and it never gets done.
I bought a planner and hopefully this will help me. The challenge is to open it up daily.

First I organized my folders on my desk top of sites I liked. Example: Herb Tinctures, Herbal remedies, crafts, recipes, my some-day-farm ideas, and so on.

I need to force myself to complete my finger-less gloves and wash all my knitted/crochet projects and lay them out to dry. Some go to children and some for my HOPE CHEST. (hoping we will have a house to move to this year instead of our tin can)

Research soap making. I would really like to make goat milk soap with natural fragrances. I know I need a few items and a special pot for the off to the thrift store for that. This will take time to read several blogs who specialize in soap making. 

Wish me luck.