Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time Seems to Drag

In order to escape our small space we need metals ( our investments) to start climbing. So far they are on the rise. We are so antsy to get a house you would not believe it. hehe

Meanwhile, I am making my list of "Wish I Could Do" projects. I don't have the enthusiasm in a small space. So now I am educating myself on various ideas and saving them.  My fav site lately is "Homestead Survival". They get lots of info from various sites. I post the good ones on my facebook page.

Once we update our living area this page will be my "HOW TO DO THINGS ON YOUR OWN", living without the malls. That topic can get me on my soapbox real fast, but I wont today. I am just thankful my parents and Nana taught me basic skills, along with 4-H, Home Economics, and FHA (future homemakers of America), in high school. I am prepared and take after my father's frugalness. My hubby says I can be a bit over the edge with my frugalness, but I love it. I always try to think how to REUSE an item I am going to throw away...yep my Dad was the same way.