Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yarn 101

This next Christmas I intend on making most of the gifts for my children and their families. 

I never was much of a knitter or crocheter, but knew the basics. Usually I bought the cheapest yarn for items I made.

Lately I have been knitting and crocheting cotton yarn. It has a different feel and if I use it in the Texas humidity it sticks to the needles.

Today I picked up a book at the library called THE KNITTER'S BOOK OF YARN.
I need to expand my horizons with yarn. Today I am learning about fibers. Amazing information.

It is a pretty thick book so wish me well. Books have a tendency to put me to sleep. lol 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Christmas in July

For this procrastinator I better start now on my Christmas gifts.
Three grand children, two children, and one adult. I can't say what I am making because they can read this post.
I have been practicing on slippers. I have a pattern for a one piece slipper. I am going to try this out and them adjust it. It is pretty simple.

Here is the pic.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cotton wash cloths

I have been making several different patterns in this cotton yarn.
I made several for a niece who just got married. I am hoping she will send me pics. I forgot to get them.

Here are the montage I made. 

 I haven't washed them yet. That's why you see the curling edges.
Now I am on to place mats with larger needles and double thread. I know you can go faster if you crochet, but knitting gives you the ability to make so many different designs. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Latest Craft

We have a new grand baby, our first girl. Yes, pink is her color with all that dark hair.
I made the other boys afghans when they were born years ago. I made her a pink fleece blanket that I jazzed up a bit and personalized it for her.
I don't post family pictures on the internet so all you get is these pics.

I am now jazzed about knitting and have been practicing my skills making a simple scarf. I intend on putting crocheted edging around it. Oh well, we will see how that goes.