Saturday, April 5, 2014

Change In Lifestyle

One night we were watching Carol Alt's program on TV. She had a guest who has written a book we were interested in. It's called: CANCER Step Outside The Box". What an eye opener.

We have been eating fairly healthy, but this book has us thinking outside the box.

Here is what our new lifestyles are like.

1. Juicing each morning using ONLY organic produce. Why eat that many veggies/fruit for your health and immune system that has pesticides and GMO seeds? Not us.

2. We now shop at Trader Joe's because their brands do not have GMO's in them. This is from Trader Joe's site.

 Our efforts began in 2001, when we determined that, given a choice, our customers would prefer to eat foods and beverages made without the use of genetically engineered ingredients. 
We are also unable to confirm that animal products (meat, dairy and some farmed fish) sold under the Trader Joe's label are raised on only non-GMO feed, due to the prevalence of GMOs in the commodity grain market, and the limited availability of verified non-GMO feed. For customers looking to avoid products from animals fed GMOs, we continue to carry organic meat and dairy products (organic standards prohibit the intentional use of GMOs) and wild-caught seafood. All organic products, regardless of brand, are by definition non-GMO

3. We buy our water from Whole Food's inside water machine. They have RO/DI water.
Today I brought 8-1gal ball jars from Walmart for $40.44...not bad. No more water in plastic. Also two glass water bottles each for us to take to work. How do I know if the water we buy in plastic wasn't sitting in the sun on the way to Costco? (Our RV doesn't have room for a water filter under the sink)

4. I wash all our produce, even the organic, in a warm natural soapy water after we come home from the grocery store.

5. I bought apricot hulls (cancer killers) from Amazon. Currently we have a coffee grinder for our coffee beans, but not one for the seeds. I don't think I want to mix them so I brought a separate one for the seeds. Hubby will add those to his juice along with his immune building powders and grape seed extract.

6. Most of our veggies are eaten raw. I do, however, steam veggies occasionally. I gave up my aluminum ricer/steamer and bought a stainless steel ricer. We don't use plastic to heat things in our microwave and I don't cook with aluminum anymore, including foil.

Life is very different, but this is just the beginning. There will be other changes later. Baby steps is the best way.

We both take our lunches to work so I have a specific regimen to follow on weekends.

1. Friday after work I do laundry. Remember I live in an RV Park and they have a club house with washers and dryers. This way I have a real weekend...well as real as it can get.

2. Saturday we go to breakfast, eating our antitoxins and enzymes, to counter what they serve. We then go to Trader Joe's, which is about 20 miles from us. 

3. Sunday is cooking and preparation day. I make things for lunches, cook the muffins and make the no-cook granola bars with almond flour/toasted walnuts and oats/Chi Seeds/dried fruit/and raw honey. This makes it easy in the morning.We just put our lunches together, juice, and eat breakfast. We get up at 5:15 am. Yep, that's early. Hubby leaves at 6:45 and I leave at 7:45. Someday I hope to find a job with the state in our little area that has hours closer to hubby's so we can commute.

So that's the beginning. A lot more to come

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring in Texas

I am so happy to see green grass and flowers, what a winter. There is one good thing about freezing temperatures FROZEN LARVA which means not as many bugs this summer.
Last weekend was just beautiful inspiring us to take a day drive from our home and several towns north of us up to Fayetville, TX, population 279.

Not bad for pics from my window as we are driving. Everything was just so green. Amazing.

And the smell of the country was the best. I was raised next to a dairy as a child and then lived out of town while growing up. We had a cow, horses, and sheep. Nothing better than smell of grass and dirt.