Monday, September 26, 2016

Preparing for Christmas

What in September? Yes, September. Christmas sneaks up on me way to fast.

It's time to organize my craft bucket, AGAIN. Since I make my Christmas cards I need to inventory my supplies. This will probably mean I will spend a day at Hobby Lobby.

On  Pinterest or Esty I find most of my inspiration. Here are some examples of my cards.

Most of the time I use flat pictures and try to embellish them a bit after I print the on card stock at Office Max. 

This year I hope to make my kids and grand kids something simple.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Learning New Knitting Stitches

Cables are fairly simple. I have decided to make place mats using the honeycomb cable on each side with an edge and stockinette stitch in the middle. It is going to take some concentration. I am using 3 knitted stitches for the edging.

Here is a Honeycomb Cable headband. This cable will be on the side. Nothing as fancy as this one.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Projects Projects Projects

You know how it is....I should do this and that and it never gets done.
I bought a planner and hopefully this will help me. The challenge is to open it up daily.

First I organized my folders on my desk top of sites I liked. Example: Herb Tinctures, Herbal remedies, crafts, recipes, my some-day-farm ideas, and so on.

I need to force myself to complete my finger-less gloves and wash all my knitted/crochet projects and lay them out to dry. Some go to children and some for my HOPE CHEST. (hoping we will have a house to move to this year instead of our tin can)

Research soap making. I would really like to make goat milk soap with natural fragrances. I know I need a few items and a special pot for the off to the thrift store for that. This will take time to read several blogs who specialize in soap making. 

Wish me luck.