Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Hills in NE Texas?

Today we took a road trip to NE Texas in search of possible retirement property. With homemade muffins, fruit, water, and coffee in hand we set off for our long trip. Fortunately, hubby is all right with a long trip.

Last week we were looking at property, with houses, on www.ranchandfarm.com. Property in NE Texas was not very expensive. Out budget is around $200k. We do have requirements and here is our short list:

1) House must be in a hilly area. (Can’t afford to live in the Austin Hill Country)

2) Not to many trees around the house, but enough for wood in the winter.

3) Prefer to be on well and septic tank.

4) Ranch-style home. Remember this is our last house and we prefer to have a one story home.

5) Garden and green house area

The house does not need to be perfect so a fixer upper would be fine also. We do have a travel trailer to live in if needed.

Our objective was to get to De Kalb early in the first day so hwy 45 was our route. Yes, on hwy 45 you are sure to find some construction. As soon as we were out of Houston/Conroe area we started to see some hills. Being from Nevada, we miss the mountains. Moving to the Houston area was a shock, not only living in a flat area, but with the humidity. We heard it wasn't as humid in the NE part of the state.

The first part of our trip was so-so, THEN after we passed Athens, TX things picked up. We drove through hilly areas that were so open and lovely. There are more ranches here with hay fields along with cows and horses. SW Houston has cows and horses, but mainly farming. If you till the ground, you are a farm. If you grow hay and have critters you are a ranch. Hubby knows all this as he was raised on a farm with cattle, pigs, corn and grain fields, and a large garden. WELL, someone has to have a green thumb, it is not me. My job is being a domestic engineer not gardener. I will help pick the produce and weed. Sewing/crafting is relaxing for me. Gardening is relaxing for hubby.

We did not like De Kalb. It’s pretty beat up. We traveled on a different road on the way back going through Tyler, TX. Just above Tyler on hwy 19 there were a couple towns we were interested in. Quitman, TX and Winnsboro, TX are on our short list to visit again. Then south of Tyler, TX on hwy 69 we almost lost our breath. Yes, hills that could very well qualify for mountains they were so large. Jacksonville, TX was wonderful. Just driving along the highway is not a good judge of the area. We will make another trip as soon as I have Friday and Saturday off again and concentrate on the Jacksonville area. We did not see the lake but know it is out there. We really do not want any house that has restrictions. I do not want to ask for permission to paint my house or build anything on the property. As long as we are miles from another house, who really cares.