Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stock Piling for Retirement

Well, I finally bought some cotton yarn to make dish cloths. I decided on a variegated skein. We have such hard water here which tends to make light colors dingy no matter what you do.
I have a lot of left over yarn and fleece so I am off to make what I can. All of these items are goinig to be stored away. Its my sanity while living in this small travel trailer.
Planning our retirement keeps me busy. I scan the blogs and take notes. There are so many good bloggers out there that have so many great ideas. It's an amazing community.

1. Dish cloths (cotton yarn)
2. Material napkins from thrift store materials.
3. Use up all my yarn on an afghan.
4. Crochet lace on dish cloths

This is a start. I am sure hubby will wonder if I have lost my mind. He has a choice a sane wench or a crazy wench. I do have my moments though.
I really need to take knitting/crochet classes. I know the basics, but would love to have more skills. This activity will be on my "TO DO" list before retirement.

I will take pictures as I go.