Sunday, November 10, 2013

Personal Update

Things seem to be getting better. I am now an employee of the State of Texas. No more working weekends and nights at my dealership job.

The state of Texas provides free health care to all it's employees, thank God. So now I have my own health care and so does hubby. If anything happens to either one of us we are taken care of. Of course we both have dental, and various other additional care added as we see fit.

This weekend we are going on a much needed vacation. We haven't had a vacation for 10 years so this is really nice. Of course, it is our 30th anniversary this year. We are leaving for a curise out of a southern US port to Cozumel, Honduras, and Beliez. Seven days of bliss. I still don't know if 2 books are enough.

I hope to take a lot of pics and will share them with you. Tomorrow, since I have a three day weekend, thanks to the state, I will buy a few last minute things and get a fresh hair cut.

Soooo, we hope to buy a house next year, God willing. That is our next challenge.

Wish us luck. We are on a Princess cruise so hopefully it won't tip over. Hubby was teasing about possible pirates. Oh My God. How funny.

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