Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keep Your Grocer Honest

I was reading an article about how some smaller grocers are nickel and diming customers at the checkout stands. This isn't new just more apparent now.

This is how I outsmart grocery stores:

1) Buy small plain stickers at the Dollar Stores. The kind you would use for labels. Remember to look for the best deal. You don’t need a lot large or long sticker, just one you can write 4 numbers on.

2) Write the amount per pound on your sticker and put it on the plastic bags you put your produce in and also on frozen items. If they won’t stick mark the price on your shopping list. I hope you brought your shopping list. SEE TinCanCooking.

3) Keep a felt pen with you and mark the price on the top of a can or box.

4) Be aware of what the item scans in at the checkout stand.

5) ALWAYS check your receipt with the items you buy BEFORE you leave the parking if you didn’t see the cashier scan the item.

Sometimes the Dollar General or other discount stores are not the cheapest place to buy certain items. I have been very frugal lately and write down the prices of my favorite items in the discount stores, excluding Wal-Mart, and compare when I am grocery shopping.

One time I compared a large discount store to my local grocery store and found out they were not the lowest over all. Some things were. I compared by item or by ounce whatever it took. I know that sounds silly, but it was useful.

I am a very frugal shopper because I mainly shop at Whole Foods, which is pricey. I shop for the best deal between the discount stores and my local "other" grocery store for some items. Make sure you compare by ounce. More and more items are the same price but have less ounces. Comparing coupons with store brands is a good idea too, unless you are a specific label buyer. I am on a couple items. I definitely don’t buy batteries or electronics at ANY discount store.

I hope this is a good article. As time goes on and our economy really tightens up you will need there tips. Stocking up.

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