Friday, June 29, 2012


Yes, it has been some time since my last post. But, I do have good news. I now have a 3/4 permanent job with a local dealership in my town 8 MILES FROM OUR HOME. Wow, miracles can happen.
This particular dealership is a very busy place. My 6 hour days go fast.

I have worked many receptionist jobs in my life, especially here in Texas. Most of those jobs are VERY BOREING. You just answer the phone and take messages. Not many allow you to use their computer to do any extra assignments. One of the clients let me bring my computer. At that job I think I got a maximum of 3 phone calls a day. This was for an attorney who mostly worked out of his house and communicated with his clients via email. I truly believe you need to use your brain or you will lose it. SOOO this new job has me hopping. There is a lot to learn about a dealership. Making paper plates, assigning keys in a computer for the salesman, Fedex, mail, contacting customers and answering THAT BUSY PHONE. In Texas after you buy your car you get a paper plate for 60 days while waiting for the hard plate. The dealership inspects the vehicle  (Texas requires annual inspections), registers it with the state, and issues plates. The registration and inspection sticker are INSIDE your car facing out. No way for someone to steal you stickers off your plates. I did, however, email Govenor Perry about how he could save some money. ISSUE ONE STICKER. I was told that it was to expensive to pay for both of them at one time. sheesh Okay I guess that will have to do.
Let me know how other states deal with plates, registration and if you have to have your vehicle inspected.
It has been so hot here that we get what is called "Heat Lightening" Yep no rain. Although the last couple of days we did get a shower. The corn and cotton are getting real big.

SOOO, things are picking up This makes it harder to keep up with three blogs, but I will.

Today hubby had to do some extra blood work for his annual physical so I am using that quiet time.

I need to make bread and get dinner ready as I work at 3pm. I TAKE A NAP before going to work.

Yep, getting older is hell. Believe me a short 1/2-1 hour nap really helps.

Meanwhile, I am working on my last knitted dish cloth. Next I sort out my yarn and start making granny squares and mix matching what squares I have together with the new ones. They don't have to be the same size. If one strip is longer I just make a small square to match it up. Now this project will take some time and when its over I will store it in those airless bags you can buy.

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