Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring has Sprung in Texas

Yep, I think winter is over, if you could call that short cold spell winter. The difference between a winter in our previous state, Nevada, is that the bugs freeze in the winter. Here in Texas they are around all year long. This can be hard on those who have allergies or have a poor or low immune system. Without good health, you are susceptible to colds and the flu.

All the calves were tagged and moved across the field with their mothers. This field has been growing long green grass for about a month. They must be in heaven and producing a lot of good milk.

Unfortunally, they missed one calf and after two day of calling for his Mom and lots of phone calls from residents at this RV park, they moved him over. The only ones left on the other side seem to be getting fat to butcher.

Here are some pictures of our new calves in SW Houston, TX.

Part of the nursery
Okay so how do we get over there

More cute

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