Sunday, May 11, 2014

Donate, Run, and Walk for Cancer?

Most people have either known or lost an acquaintance or family member to cancer. In my husband’s and my family we have lost 6 to cancer and 3 survived, a total of 9.

Our first response to cancer is anger then it changes to guilt, wondering if there is anything we can do for the so-called “War on Cancer”.

Here is my question to those folks who recruit for cancer events. “What would oncologists, drug companies, hospitals who rely on grants and government money to fund their surgeries, and best of all the money donated by good intentional people or government for research do if one day we had a cure for cancer? After decades of $$$ where is the cure?  Does anyone think the American Cancer Society would willingly close shop?  I don’t think so. They can’t afford a cure. Sure there are a few cancers that they can beat back, but believe me there is NEVER a cure.

As for my husband and I, we prefer to take a proactive approach to cancer. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for good medical care we spend our money on organic groceries and supplements. What goes on your body and in your body may not always prevent cancer, but it can sure help.

I have been reading about naturally curing and preventing cancer ever since my father died in 2001. Over time we have changed things here and there. Some may say we are over the edge, but I would rather be over the edge than under a knife.

Currently we live in a travel trailer awaiting our investments to save us so we can move to a country home with property where we can raise our produce and chickens plus barter or buy meat. Also make most of the products I need. Here is my “To-Do” list:


·        laundry/dish/body soaps

·        lotions/sunscreen/various body cleansers

·         All my curtains/kitchen supplies/rugs….

·        All my cleaning supplies

·        And other crafts


Fortunately, I learned how to sew, crochet, knit, and craft as a young girl. My grandmother always crocheted and my mother was so talented. She made clothes, baked, and could tackle any craft project. Yes, I haven’t practiced it recently; therefore YouTube will have to get me back into the swing. Living in a travel trailer doesn’t allow me the ability to do much.  This is very aggravating.  It actually doesn’t give me any enthusiasm, which I need to change.

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