Sunday, June 29, 2014

Calving on my Adopted Ranch

Boy oh boy is it calving season. I saw a new calf born every several hours yesterday. The cows were head butting the vultures coming in for extra protein.

This ranch has no breeding control. Calves are born throughout the year. Most of them are born in the spring. Some look like Red-Headed-Step Children. Seems the bull was not all Black Angus. Apparently, a Herford jumped the fence. They are so darn cute. Here is a picture we took last year. A white tail! wow

The owners must take these little guys somewhere else. I haven’t seen any of the lighter calves. I don’t understand that.. hehe Any ideas please comment.

Last Year's Calf

They keep the newborns away from the herd for a while until they can keep up. Since the calves are not familiar with the cars and truck, she/she is kept away from the road. We will not get good pictures yet unless I happen to see one born. It’s so rainy today I don't think I will go out.

We should get between 2-4 inches of rain by Saturday. Good thing our travel trailer is over a foot off the ground. This RV Park has been grades so the water drains to into the ditches. If it rains very hard, as it did a few days ago, you would think we were in the middle of a large pool. I love the rain, but not the humidity it brings.

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